Everyone Is Special In Their Own Special Way


Greetings, foolish mortals. I have joined the quest of blogging for the sole purpose of...I was bored. Anywho, I don't know what I will write on here because I have no life. But than again, if I had a life I wouldn't be making a blog now would I?)

Monday, June 13, 2005


I am sitting here listening to "Guns 'n Roses" sing "Sweet Child Of Mine". I am not even listening to the lyrics but it fits what I am thinking about.

First of all, today when my dad and I were driving to our neighbors to take care of their dog we saw a teeny fawn trying to cross the road. I say trying because it was wobbling like it had just learned how to walk. It was the smallest thing I had ever seen. I have eaten sandwiches longer than it. And I hate to admit it, but it was really cute. It made me think though, because it was part of the natrual order of things. The young. The next generation.

Graduation was four days ago. I was thinking about it and I realized I hadn't been looking forward to it. Every year we watched it and every year it was the same. I was hoping that ours would be different I suppose. I watched the teachers hand out the roses and I saw them cry as they said good-bye but I know it's nothing new. They have to do this every year but they recognize that we are moving onas are all others. And that is wat scares me. Knowing that we are the same. I HATE BEING NORMAL!!! I didn't want graduation if it was just to be like all others and we would become part of something where we could no longer see ourselves.

The Simpsons today were a bit like that too. Homer realizes he is going to be old soon and he asks Bart if he is going to put him in an old folks home like Homer did to his own father. Bart stalls and avoids the question. I guess everyone is worrying about the whole being caught in a circle thing.

But I think our graduation was really different. A lot more than the others. I can't explain how and maybe it was just cause it was mine, but it seemed a lot specialer (is that a word?) than the others. So we are not in an endless circle. We are still unique. That is always happy.

And even though I hate to move on, I know our place is being filled well. The third years will be great. And the second years will be fine as well. And of course the firsties. Annabeth can already say all the swear words in alphabetical order which inpressed/amused me.

My music is still playing. William Hung is butchering "The Circles of Life." I guess every generation has their own special people. But then again...we all are special are we not?

Peace Out.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Ok. At long last I am adding a post to my blog. Joe made me. How could I say no to Joe? So I am sitting here posting my first blog entry listening to William Hung. She bangs! She bangs! She bangs!

So, my sense of time is already distroyed. But I believe two days ago was graduation. Of course everyone was crying, and the tissues just kept coming. Once the box came to me empty. So I turned around to Izzy who was sitting behind me and passed it to her saying, "We need a refill."

I thought it was a really good ceremony. All the teachers had great things to say about everyone of us. Robert's introduction was very good and Grace was in a good mood for the rest of the day after what he said about her. I liked being termed the Budda. Hmmm I should take up meditation. Oh-ummmm. Oh-ummmm. Mig did a great job capturing her advisees I thought as well. And Ida was so sweet. Her hugging Hannah and not saying saying anything was one of the coolest things to happen the whole day. I still can't figure out whether Leon actually forgot to give flowers or if she and Ryan staged it. But the part that meant the most to me was something so small most people will laugh at me. When Henry entered the circle to get his flowers he cut through next to me and he gave my head a little rub. I thought he was just making sure not to hit me, but when he left I made sure I left him room and he rubbed my head again anyways. Henry is my favorite teacher in Middle School. I looked around at everyone crying and I smiled. Middle school was great and I am so glad to have been there all four years.

Izzy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and took the napkins she had gotten for us and passed them on. I didn't need them. I was sad that Middle School was is over (still am), but I know we are ready for the next part of our lives. And as I listen to William Hung "singing", it reminds me that if we give it our all, we will be able to do what we want to in life.

So there it is. My first entry. I would greatly appreciate comments. And maybe will write a longer entry next time.

Peace Out.